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    Kansas Unemployment Web Site

    Losing your job isn’t fun for anyone. The immediate worries that may appear are how to keep your home payments and your bills paid while you’re seeking out new employment.

    Kansas Unemployment Web Site, located on the web at https://www.uibenefits.dol.ks.gov can help to alleviate those worries by making it easier to file for, certify for and check on the status of your unemployment compensation insurance.

    In addition to the more traditional services of an unemployment web site, Kansas Unemployment web site offers the means to file for your unemployment compensation insurance on the internet and to register for the EUC08, federal extension of your unemployment benefits.

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    Kansas Unemployment Web site also offers you the information you need to apply for and to use the Unemployment benefits debit card, a new offering by the state of Kansas, which gives you your unemployment compensation benefits on an easy to use and more secure Debit card.

    The fastest way to determine if you are eligible for your unemployment compensation will be the use of the Kansas Unemployment web site, which processes your claim far more quickly than if you had applied either over the phone or in person at a Kansas Unemployment office.
    Kansas Government

    Recently, because of a rise in the unemployment percentages federally and in the state of Kansas, the offices of the Kansas Unemployment, (also known as Kansas Department of Labor’s Unemployment Contact Centers) will extend their hours of operation for you, and those new hours as well as other important information are available to you on the web site (https://www.uibenefits.dol.ks.gov)


    As of this month, the unemployment rate in the state of Kansas stands at about 6.4 percent. Kansas businesses reported that in the last year, about 17000 jobs had been lost in the state of Kansas. This represents about a 1.2 percent decrease in jobs in the state of Kansas.
    If you are a displaced worker who is seeking a new job in Kansas, or elsewhere, a visit to the Kansas Unemployment Office web site: http://www.dol.ks.gov/LMIS/newsrel/pr0903/pr0903.html
    can help you to determine if you are eligible for your unemployment compensation, help you to file electronically for your unemployment benefits, give you the rights and obligations that you need under the unemployment compensation program and even assist you in seeking out a new job so that you can get back to the ranks of the employed in Kansas.

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